what is a clenzo-zone?

The ClenzOzone is a zone that has been treated professionally on a regular basis with Green Ox concentrate featuring the deep-cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide. After normal cleaning, Green Ox is delivered with a powerfully effective fogging mist spray system.  Large areas are reached extremely effectively with this process and Green Ox Ultra spray is available for in-between use. This process reassures patrons that every possible step was taken to make your place of business safer and cleaner.


ClenzOzone properties are easily recognized by our stickers and optional A-frame signage. ClenzOzone properties are listed here on our website links to their websites along with other media advertising. ClenzOzone properties can proudly link clenzOzone.com on their own websites providing consumers with valuable information and updates.




GreenFlow Distribution started as a mold remediation business in 1997, providing products and services to the mold remediation and pallet manufacturing industries. But we quickly found that the industry’s leading products did not meet our strict standards for effectiveness and safety—and that put us on a mission.

Our founder, Ron Jones, is a renowned chemist who holds more than 31 patents and leverages more than 30 years of bioscience formulation expertise. He has spent his career tackling the tough cleaning jobs that others can’t figure out. And in this case, the challenge was to develop products that could safely clean better than anything else available in the marketplace. After all, our teams were using the same products we were providing to customers. The resulting family of cleaning and sealing products masters a unique formulation that delivers better and safer removal of dirt, debris, stains, and odors.

Today, we maintain the same drive and innovative spirit to create quality products that are as easy on the earth as they are on the people who use them. As a company, we commit to stand behind those products and to act with professionalism and integrity in everything we do.

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