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Environmentally Friendly Products Proudly Made in the USA
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Nature's Most Powerful Cleaner

Our scientifically formulated surface cleaners restore and disinfect. Our cleaners are designed to work with mother nature to achieve this cleanlinesss without untenable addition of cost and effort. Clenzo-Cleaners contain no bleach and leave no toxic residue.

A ClenzOzone is an establishment that utilizes the proprietary ClenzOzone System of cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure they are doing as much as they can to reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses for their customers and employees.

Cleanliness has become one of America's top priorities and the CDC has made a statement that hydrogen peroxide kills COVID-19 and other viruses, establishments are now looking for ways to deep clean in areas not easily reached thus killing beyond normal cleaning.

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About Us Our founder, Ron Jones, accepted the challenge to develop products that could safely clean better than anything else available in the marketplace. Our family of cleaning products masters a unique formulation that delivers better and safer cleaning power for your family and business.
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For your convenience, below shows the various locations where we have ClenzOzones:

In July 2020, our company purchased the Aoben Sprayer, Green Ox and Blue Ox solutions for use in our 20,000 sq ft office building, as well as a branch office and 3 model home locations. The sprayer is very easy to use, spraying a fine mist of Hydrogen Peroxide over surfaces, door handles, walls, desks, phones, chairs, etc. We sanitize all common areas of our buildings in a very short period of time. Doing so gives our clients, staff and agents peace of mind knowing that we are covering all touchable surfaces. Aimee Rothrock and Greg Tatum were knowledgeable in the product and its application and we highly recommend their system. View more testimonials
I love the Green Ox Ultra, I use it to clean everything and I'm not scared to spray it on anything because it's hydrogen peroxide. Cleans better than bleach and smells better too! View more testimonials
We use these products in all of our hotel rooms, our kitchen, and our bar areas to help keep the areas clean and prevent the spread of germs. It gets rid of foul odors and improves them immensely. View more testimonials
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Our founder, Ron Jones, is a renowned chemist who holds more than 31 patents and leverages more than 30 years of bioscience formulation expertise. He has spent his career tackling the tough cleaning jobs that others can't figure out. In this case, the challenge was to develop products that could safely clean better than anything else available in the marketplace. He noted that our teams were using the same products we were providing to customers. The resulting family of cleaning products masters a unique formulation that delivers better and safer removal of dirt, debris, stains, and odors.

Today, we maintain the same drive and innovative spirit to create quality products that are as easy on the earth as they are on the people who use them. As a company, we commit to stand behind those products and to act with professionalism and integrity in everything we do.