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Our proprietary system uses Green Ox Ultra and Blue Ox Maxx which contain hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the active ingredient along with surfactants. Green Ox Ultra and Blue Ox Maxx were originally formulated to quickly clean and remove tough odors and stains caused by algae, blood, feces, food, mildew, mold, urine, smoke, grease, and more. They are non-toxic and when used properly, are non-corrosive, making them highly versatile products for a wide variety of surfaces.

The ClenzOzone

The ClenzOzone is a zone that has been treated professionally on a regular basis with Green Ox Ultra and/or Blue Ox Maxx featuring the deep-cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning with Green Ox Ultra, our highly effective fogging system gets hard to reach areas utilizing our Blue Ox Maxx. This process reassures patrons that every step possible is continually taken to make your place of business safer and cleaner for them and your employees. ClenzOzone properties are easily recognized by our stickers and optional A-frame signage. ClenzOzone properties are listed here on our website. You can find links to their websites along with other media advertising. ClenzOzone properties can proudly link on their own websites providing consumers with valuable information and updates.

Viral Oxidizer, The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide

Venues designated a "ClenzOzone" have been regularly treated with our patented, commercial-grade, proprietary, earth-friendly formulas. Green Ox Ultra features the power of hydrogen peroxide along with surfactants to safely and powerfully cleanse surfaces. Blue Ox Maxx is used in fogging devices for a wide range of coverage in a minimal amount of time. Hydrogen peroxide works as an oxidizer destroying essential components of germ cells and can deactivate a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. There are many other claims made by scientists and other government agencies regarding hydrogen peroxide please see our latest news page for more information.

We also offer an EPA registered neutral PH hospital-grade disinfectant that can be used in conjunction with our products. Lemon Disinfectant is a one-step germicidal cleaner that quickly removes dirt, grime, mildew, body oils, and other common soils. This product is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses including MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bird Flu, and is dedicated to helping prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.